Thursday, June 5, 2014

Who Am I

I am a Makati resident and I wrote this white paper.

First, I want to say that I wrote this paper absolutely because Jojo Binay is running to be president in 2016 and I do not want him to president. As a life-long resident of Makati and as a proud Filipino who is proud of his country, I wrote the paper because I am very very scared of what could happen to us if Binay becomes president.

I have seen it for myself during the last 30 years here in Makati. I have seen government officials getting filthy rich while squatters roam the streets. I have seen how the “free services” that they use to campaign actually come with a payment and a loyalty check. I have seen how when you keep people so poor, you throw them a few scraps and they worship you and you can do no wrong and a single family feels so entitled to power that Christian decency doesn’t apply to them.

I don’t want this abusive family to run the country. Maybe Makati can afford it because of all the businesses that have been here for years, even before the Binays came, but the Binay brand of politics will for sure bring ruin to a country that is just starting to find its way on the matuwid na daan.

The Binays have challenged me to “come out and be man enough to make your accusations.” Why should I still write anonymously? Because I am no one. I have no wealth or status or powerful political backer to protect me. I have seen what the Binays do to the people they don’t like and I’m not ready to leave my kids without a father.

I just want that the truth would come out, based on the documents and what we in Makati know to be the real character of the Binays. Abigail’s statement said I was just spreading lies and innuendos, but the documents are clear. They, on the other hand have never answered the issues looming against them and instead have muddled the paper.

To make things clear, I never said that they used Abi’s PDAF in 2007. The paper is clearly about 2008 until present. Eventhough there were no elections in 2008 and 2010, the Binays always have public events that we see all the time in Makati. The over P340 million does not only cover Abi’s PDAF, but also the amount sister Nancy realigned from the Senate PDAF. Despite her legal training, Abigail sadly is still not able to read and understand correctly.

They insist that all the money was used for aboveboard projects and was liquidated properly. Where is the proof?? They keep saying that the public is free to check the records but there are no records that the public can access. There is no record of how Kasanib used its funds. There is no record that spending P15 million supposedly on worms made a difference in anyone’s life.

What there are records of, however, is that Abi gave money to an NGO her family was running, an NGO in the Godofredo Roque ring of fake NGOs, and a GOCC charged in the Napoles scam.

I urge the Binays, if you really are innocent don’t make your answers about politics but about the proof that you are not corrupt criminals. Show us the documents. We Filipinos deserve the truth.

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  1. thank you your concerned to all of us..

    please share this link to senators guingona, trillanes, cayetano, ombudsman, COA, etc.. for their appropriate action..

    please continue writing...

    godbless you and your family...

    concerned pinoy also.....